About Dr.Albert Nam

Dr. Nam (Dr. Albert) was born in New York and grew up in Connecticut. He currently resides in Milford with his loving family. A true people person, Dr.Nam does his very best to listen to his patient's wishes and provide only needed care- the same just the same exact treatment he would give his best friend, parent, or child. He believes that your biggest smile is a reflection of how you smile on the inside, and sets each day's goals at his office to make those around him happier. In his free time Dr.Nam is an avid singer, writer, and coffee connoisseur. Dr. Nam earned his D.D.S. from New York University. More interestingly he is a HUSKY, having graduated in 2008 from UCONN, Storrs

BayBrook Dental Health Values

Dr.Nam offers world-class dental care in a comfortable and relaxed office environment. Our mission is to provide our patients with the best dental services possible with genuine warmth and commitment to quality. It is our goal to maintain a caring environment that is focused on listening to our patients concerns. Dr.Nam and staff members join in the effort to deliver excellent dental are and to make each patient as comfortable as possible. Contact us today to learn more
BayBrook Dental's has pursued a vision of providing quality dentistry care to the West Haven community as well as surrounding areas. We aim to bring our patients the highest quality dental care in a comfortable and caring environment.
Dr.Nam specializes in making your smile beautiful, maintaining your dental health and helping you improve your appearance to give you a better feeling about yourself. We promise as soon as you walk into the office the staff will certainly aim to make you feel like your welcome into a new family.

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